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The saturation of skulls in fashion is remarkable. Some investigation into the numbers will prove it to be far more than a chance occurrence. With skulls everywhere Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Jersey , in every alcove of fashion, you've got to wonder why. The Death's Head message says what?

The status of the skull belt buckle surpasses all other belt buckles. One would think that in our American culture that Western belt buckles would be the best sellers. But nothing exceeds the popularity of the skull. Especially hip is the rhinestone skull belt buckle. The extravagant fashion industry has glorified the skull and drawn interest to it with millions upon millions of rhinestones. Seemingly a strange marriage.

I'm reminded of the skull belt buckle boots I purchased when I was nineteen. I was an ordinary young lady by all accounts but wore skull belt buckles, earrings. Shirts with skull and crossbones etc. To this day I own those skull belt buckle boots Cheap Oakland Raiders Jersey , they are remarkable, even now. Not for use but for nostalgia, I'd snap my ankle trying to walk in them now but I still love them. They remind me of a care free time in my life. My parents wondered what the heck was going on Cheap New York Jets Jersey , how was their suburban, Catholic schooled baby into skulls. Truth is I never gave it any thought until now, my own daughter at eighteen is covered in skull everything. She saunters in with a huge rhinestone skull belt buckle Cheap New York Giants Jersey , skull and crossbones earrings and a skull tee-shirt. I thought maybe it was Halloween but it was just a regular old Tuesday night. Here are my thoughts.

Trendy expressions may have unconscious meaning. Fashion has always used the phrase "Make a Statement". Yet there may be much more to this than meets the eye. Do these designers think this through or is it something deeply rooted even in the recesses of their minds?

Most familiar is the skull belt buckle. Being a belt buckle it is of course placed at the waist, straightforwardly above a place of significance. A sign post of sorts. I think maybe the placement itself may carry some symbolism. So what does it mean?

Skulls mean many things to many people. Overall they are a warning of danger. A skull and crossbones on the banner of a pirate ship (called a Jolly Roger) told that any who encountered that ship did so with the threat of impending death. The very representation on a bottle warns of poison. Along the same lines many cultures would place the rotting heads of their captured enemies on sticks outside of the encampments to caution anyone who might be considering attack.

Although the skull is not always symbolic of danger. Countless cultures have used skull symbolism to associate with afterlife and spirituality. A skull with wings is often used to represent life after death. This is commonly used on biker and Gothic tattoos. Many cultures use the skull to symbolize the bliss of the afterlife. Even Christianity uses it extensively. The Christian depictment of Christ dying on the cross can be linked to crossed bones. Skulls are linked with such penitent saints as Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Jerome and Saint Mary Magdalene. So Christianity uses a strong bond of the skull and afterlife.

Another old connection is between the skull and good fortune. In Pre-Columbian America Cheap New Orleans Saints Jersey , the skull was given a high place of honor in the religion of the Aztecs and related tribes of Mexico. Their descendant's, both Indians and people of mixed European and Native American heritage continue to respect the skull and the skeleton during the national 'Dios de Los Muertos'celebrations, when skulls made of sugar are eaten and gifts are placed on the graves of relatives and friends. Mexicans look upon death as one more adversity to contend with Cheap New England Patriots Jersey , but they also regard it as the ultimate transition, passing from one phase of life to the next.

One more classic symbol of the skull is that of reverse bad luck. Dedicated gamblers, the lucky 13 crowd Cheap Minnesota Vikings Jersey , bikers, and Goths have also adopted the 'reverse bad luck' of the skull. In this format the skull, along with dice rolling sevens and black cats Cheap Miami Dolphins Jersey , signifies luck in times of adversity.

Furthermore a symbol of the knowledge gained beyond the afterlife. Universally the snake, associated with wisdom, is seen slithering through the eye socket of the skull. Entangling knowledge with the afterlife.

Skulls represent so many unique things to so many people. The skull has more meaning than just a piece of bling bling. I can't help but wonder the message when adorned around the waist of an attractive woman. Or about the skull worn by rebellious youth or the biker. Is one specific meaning intended or a compilation of all? A question as captivating as it's subject.
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