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SYDNEY Dion Sims Youth Jersey , March 2 (Xinhua) -- Aussie scientists are at odds of theimpact of the localised coral bleaching found on the Great BarrierReef as the authorities ramp up monitoring in the highest riskperiod.

Human induced climate change has been increasing the frequencyof mass coral bleaching events as areas of the Pacific such asFiji, Kiribati and New Caledonia begin suffering a mass bleachingevent from El Nino re-enforced warm water travelling through theequatorial pacific.

Patchy coral bleaching has been detected in multiple, mainlyshallow areas of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) where corals arefrequently exposed to sunlight. However with sea surfacetemperatures fluctuating 2.5 degrees Celsius above average acrossthe marine park, March is representing its highest risk period.

"We're down to the wire now -- the 'mild and widespread'bleaching we're seeing now is the result of very warm conditionsover the past few weeks Quintin Demps Youth Jersey ," Director of the ARC Center for Excellencefor Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University, Professor TerryHughes said in a statement on Wednesday.

Australian scientists, including Hughes have said these majorbleaching events "didn't exist 30 years ago" and are entirely aconsequence of the global failure to tackle greenhouse gasemissions, highlighting the importance of limiting average globaltemperature rises to below two degrees Celsius.

However James Cook University marine geophysicist ProfessorPeter Ridd believes rather than "another scare story" on the coralbleaching that is ultimately human induced Kendall Wright Youth Jersey , the reef will fairbetter and potentially grow from the rise in temperature.

Ridd argues the annual and spatial variability of watertemperature is far greater than the small average temperature riseover the last century, thus temperature rises would have broken thebleaching threshold "long before marine biologists first noticedbleaching".

"All the corals that live on the GBR live in water aroundIndonesia where the temperature

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